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Fixed Prosthesis and Implantology

A dental prosthesis aims to promote the oral rehabilitation of the patient, usually in order to compensate for missing teeth.

Fixed and removable orthodontics

Medical-dental speciality that corrects malocclusion. Overlapping teeth, diastemas, tooth misalignment are some of the most common and evident problems in patients.

Removable, acrylic and skeletal prosthesis

Removable partial dentures can be made entirely of acrylic or have a metal part called the skeleton and are intended to replace one or more teeth.

Flexible prosthesis

Flexible dentures provide a solution for patients who cannot or do not want to wear traditional dentures


Treatments with dental prostheses may require the use of temporary teeth.

Immediate loading

This is the protocol that allows fixed prostheses to be fitted on dental implants on the same day as the surgery to place them.

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Find out about all the prices for our services.


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